• Ladies of beadwork

    The purpose of the Dames de Perlage is to preserve the art and history of perlage so often used in costuming during the carnival seasonby kings, queens, maids, Big Chiefs, Spy Boys and other Mardi Gras Indians. Read More
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Membership dues will be determined by the Directors. See payment page to check the availability to pay online. A Dame de Perlage shall pay yearly dues in the amount set by the Directors, and by a date set by Directors. Do this, if for nothing else, than for the aforementioned cause. For payment of her dues, a Dame de Perlage shall be entitled to march in local parades and a membership into an exclusive perlage circle. (no guests are permitted in this sacred circle.)
A Dame de Perlage shall bejewel herself in a bustier and headdress that is fully covered with Mardi Gras beads along with other varieties of glam. There cannot be enough emphasis put on the importance of covering every inch of your bustier and headdress in beads, for every bit left untouched by the blessing of a bead undermines our purpose to preserve the art and history of perlage. It is important that every Dame designs and crafts their own bustier and headdress, for the tradition is about telling a story that is from their heart and soul which is the pulse of the New Orleans culture. This bead art and the plumage selected each year make a glorious combination of color and texture that render the dames costumes a work of art. Face painting and make-up are equally important as a dame’s craft does not stop with her perlage. All of our dames are beautiful inside and out but a true Dame de Perlage uses her beautiful features to accentuate the perlage by decorating and embellishing her natural beauty with color and glamour. We are the epitome of feminine in every way. A Dame de Perlage does make sacrifices for her craft, but that sacrifice is not comfort. A Dame de Perlage is expected to carefully select their undergarments, pants, skirts and shoes to coordinate perfectly with their bustier and headdress and to support them appropriately for, at the most, a 7 mile walk. A Dame of Perlage does not need a 3 inch heal to look beautiful. 
In order to be a Dame de Perlage you must accept our code of conduct. Dames do not overindulge in alcohol or drugs while in costume or during a Dame de Perlage event. Dames do not show their dame parts or behave in a manor that would deem them unDame-like. We are a respectable collection of dames. Any dame who breaks this code of conduct will be asked to turn in their Dame de Perlage status. Basically don't get loaded and show your stuff while a bunch of families are watching. Most of us have kids and we don't want them seeing that. Thanks!